Property management

WHAT DOES Property Management MEAN?

At first sight  running an apartment, ensuring it’s operation and generating money seems to be child’s play… Then, as people dig into it a little more, realise that this is a really complex and time-consuming processes.

Let’s see what are these:

1. Operational activities

Day-to-day operational management of residential property

  • collection of rental fees
  • arranging repairs
  • collection of post boxes
  • payment of invoices
  • checking meters /gas, electricity, water, and so on /
  • checking condition of the property, and preservation
  • cleaning


From photography and advertising to pre-screening of the tenant, up to contracting.


Regular inspection of the property, maintenance and repair of defects with appropriate specialists.

Moving in and out

Ensuring the condition and preservation of the property, making a list of furniture, checking it, recording the position of the meters.


Both owner and tenant, regularly in Hungarian and English.

2. Real estate development

Partial or complete renovation of the property:

  • survey
  • design of a new floor plan
  • demolition and construction
  • energy modernization: electric, water, heating system
  • painting
  • coverings, doors and windows, joiner work

Furniture and furnishing are available on request, if necessary, even on the order of an interior decorator. Create a design, select and order the right furniture, deliver, pick up and assemble, clean up, and then take professional pictures at the end of each job.

Our apartments are ready under REFERENCES!

3. Financial activity

  • Supervision, controlled payment, collection of rental fee and overheads
  • Solving non-payment issues
  • Generate and send a regular financial report to the owner, which includes all financial transactions, revenue and expenses.

4. Administration

  • Setting up a company
  • Obtaining permits
  • Contract making
  • Check in to Tax Company NAV
  • Accounting
  • Tax and accounting consultancy
  • Conclusion of home insurance and settlement of claims.


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