Buy or Sell

Flat4u Flat Management Budapest

Would you Buy? Or Sale?

Are you thinking about buying a property?
Or would you just sell the existing one?
Looking for investment property?
Are you lost in the price per Square meters?
Too many ads? Can’t find the right one?
Want the best available for your money?
Would you avoid the pitfalls?
You want to know if the property you’re going to buy is worth the price?

Well, you’re definitely looking for us!

FLAT4U offers help and solutions both sellers and buyers!

Our goal is to provide useful assistance and thus to facilitate the real estate market!

  • We will know your needs!
  • We will take your points into account! Your personal contact will handles the matter!

Real estate sales:

If you sell a property, it is natural that you want to get the highest price available on the market, more over as quickly as possible.

Buying real estate:

Whether your goal is to create a home or make a profitable investment, FLAT4U will help you navigate the maze of the real estate market!

Leave it to us!

Real estate sales

The FLAT4U team guarantees:

  • Your personal contact will track the sale from start to finish, providing you with up-to-date information at any time.
  • Obtains the necessary documents and certificates and provides an appraiser as needed.
  • We also have a home staging service at your disposal. Which means we’ll get the property in its best shape, if we have to, even with the help of an interior decorator.
  • Your contact person takes quality photos of the property, advertises,
  • ensures that your ad has as many views as possible.
  • In the field of administration: Informs interested parties, arranges viewings, thereby guaranteeing that clients will have actually nothing to do.
  • In case the apartment is not inhabited, we are happy to accept the key so that you do not have to rush to meet everybody interested in the property all the time, only meet potential buyers.
  • In the event of a successful sale, you do not have to bother with paperwork, our partners are at your disposal to make the contract quick and uncomplicated.

Buying Real Estate

What do we offer?

  • You have a personal contact at your disposal, whose goal is to get to know your needs as much as possible;
  • who you can call at any time if you have a question and who regularly informs you. He’s acting entirely for you, but at the same time, he’s totally working with you.
  • Finds and lists the properties that best suit your needs, collects the information that is important to you, contacts the seller, arranges the viewing after your prior approval.
  • Even if the outcome is positive, we do not let go of your hand, many of our partners will help you.
  • We have an expert, a lawyer, engineers, because we leave nothing to chance.