Home Staging

How to make it more attractive?

Home Staging

In Western Europe and in the United States, the term home staging has long been known. It means preparing the property consciously for sale, making it attractive to interested parties.

Harmony of colors and accessories

Home Staging aims to present the apartment from the sunniest side and in the best color to the buyers. Be cozy so that the customer’s eyes get lost on the ad, and when you show it to him in live, falls in love with it, and imagines that tomorrow he will have coffee on the cozy balcony!

It is worth thinking about the fact that the amount spent on preparing the dwelling is also an investment and multiples to the owner.

Statistics show that a property prepared for sale is up to 5-10 percent higher and the time of sale is significantly reduced.


Quality service

We know that every property is different as the owners as well, so one of the most important things for Flat4u is to adapt to individual needs, which is why we provide our clients with quality service and personal advisors to ensure that the sale is fast, efficient and free from any complications!

Home staging

Home staging

Home staging before – after