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How much does it cost?


Tenant mediation

One-time apartment rental

  • Free advice, on-site consultation
  • Taking photos and videos
  • Preparation of a floor plan
  • Determining a marketable price
  • Writing and posting an advertisement
  • Showing the apartment to interested parties
  • Contacting and negotiating with the Owner and possible Tenants
  • Contract preparation
  • Contract conclusion
  • Facilitation of public notary statement as required
  • Handing over and taking over of an apartment, administration

Apartment rental / One-time lease:
Equivalent of 1 month rent
(No VAT)

Property Management

Flat Management

  • Free advice, on-site consultation
  • Rental
  • Moving in, moving out
  • Daily operation and maintenance
  • Administration
  • Finances, reconciliation

Fee of Property Management:
10-12% of the rent per month
(no VAT)

Exact sum depends on the property’s location, the amount of rent, whether the Owner is a company or a private individual and if it’s a single or multiple properties. For a quotation and more information please contact us! ->  Contact