What we are most proud of!

We are managing apartments here


We are managing apartments here!


Property management references

Property management

Videos, Photos, Pricing
Advertising, showing
Rental, Operation
Preserve the condition of the apartment

Long term rental, Buy or sale

Long term rental, Buy or Sale

Ads, Photos, Floor plan, Video,
Calculing marketable price,
Showing the apartment,
Keeping in touch, signing contracts, handovers.

Our company currently manages 70 apartments. The owners of these apartments are mostly foreigners. In their absence, we take care of all the tasks of utilizing the apartments, in case of rent, we advertise the apartment, show it to the interested parties, find the right tenant, take care of the administration, collect the rent, utilities and take care to preserve the condition of the apartment!

We undertake the renting and buying and selling of apartments occasionally. If you only need help with sales and publishing, feel free to ask!
We take photos and videos of the apartments, make floor plans, write the ad, take calls, show the apartment to the applicants, and keep in touch with potential buyers and tenants.
95% of our customers are returning to us.


Buy and Sale
Modifications, Remodelling
Complete Renovation



In accordance with the needs of our clients, we undertake the maintenance, minor and major remodeling, and complete renovation of the apartments.


We regularly collect feedback from our Owners and Tenants, and we use these comments to continuously improve our service.

We trust that it has been a valuable experience that we have managed to gather so much experience and expertise over the 20 years that we can now effectively help our customers!